Spiritual Teachers

guruI shared this on my facebook today, as it came to me and I was moved to share it, “A true spiritual teacher knows that they are not the end all/be all. A true spiritual teacher realizes that they are but a step in someone’s journey.”

I then realized that we are ALL spiritual teachers of some form or fashion. I learn from each of my friends every day. I am inspired by my friends and family often. They bring messages to me. Often times my spiritual teachers do not realize they are being spiritual teachers and sometimes those are the most important ones.

But there are those who are set upon a path of leading and teaching in this lifetime. Those of us who feel called to share with others what we have learned or experienced, as well as messages we are receiving from spirit. It is those spiritual teachers or leaders who are in danger of forgetting the truth of their path.

Part of that truth is in remembering that your path is YOUR path. You need simply to walk that path the best way you can and share with others as they are willing to hear. Never should a spiritual teacher get angry because a listener did not follow their teachings. Never should a spiritual teacher expect another to do as they are told. Those upon the teaching path must remember that others are on their own journey as well. This teacher is but a step in that journey and the listener has the freedom to choose what they will take from that teacher to make their own.

Because we are all human, it can be difficult to always be calm about these things. Often times a teacher might get frustrated because they feel they are wasting their time on people who do not listen or appreciate, especially early in the path. But with time a teacher, who is also a student always, will learn that those who need to hear are listening.

For a true spiritual leader or teacher it doesn’t matter who is listening or how much of their information is taken as the listeners own. For a true spiritual teacher, the greatest reward is in the sharing. The information flows through these people and must be dispensed. A true spiritual leader trusts that the universe knows what it is doing and will get the information where it is supposed to go.mountain path

For a long time I have heard discussions on how to recognize a TRUE spiritual teacher or a TRUE spiritual leader. There have been discussions on the ethics of these people and how to determine if one is real. It is unfortunate that there are those out there who are not real or true, people who do not speak the truth, and there probably always will be. However, even those people have value within our community. They teach us something about ourselves and about others. They too are simply a step in the journey.

I am honored that you allow me to occasionally be a step in your journey. Namaste.


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